Activated Carbon Applications


We offer a wide range of impregnations with consistent quality that improve removal of H2S in different environments


An activated carbon range has been developed and tested, proving its effectiveness when treating wastewater


Eurocarb is well placed to meet the strict demands required by the nuclear industry

Energy and storage

From the storage of Natural Gas to the use in new battery technology and super-capacitor electrodes

Metals and Mining

Our carbons meet the optimum conditions required through gold recovery processes

Cigarette Filters

Our high purity coconut shell activated carbons are widely used in the cigarette market

Catalytic support

Our high surface area porous structure carbons are suitable for use as catalyst support materials


With pH neutral and high purity these carbons are designed for cosmetics applications

Medical and Pharmaceutical

Our carbons meet the strict quality requirements for its use in the medical and pharmaceutical industry

Food and beverage

Activated carbons manufactured in our GMP and ISO 22000 certified facilities to ensure quality and purity

Personal Protection

Activated Carbons for the front line defence in protecting users from harmful or toxic gases in a variety of scenarios

Air & Gas

Our products cover all applications in air treatment, including impregnations to target specific contaminants


Our range of coconut, coal and wood-based carbons are suitable for all applications in water treatment