Activated Carbon for Air and Gas treatment

The wide range of different specifications available allows very precise matching to the application. We select high quality coconut shell base carbons where filtration of smaller molecules is required, and coal-based carbons for a wider range of contaminants.

The highly microporous structure of our coconut shell carbons is particularly suited to the removal of small molecules such as volatile organic compounds. The activity is very precisely specified for a particular application, and the high density and hardness provide for a robust bed which is resistant to rough usage. Alternatively, in car or room air filtration applications, the high purity and low dust content allow the carbons to be easily incorporated into laminated media, which is then pleated to allow maximum surface area and minimum pressure drop. The wide variety of available impregnation treatments broadens the range of applications to include many other organic and inorganic contaminants. 

In air filter design, it is important to correctly balance the requirement to maximise gas sorption capacity whilst minimising flow resistance. Our carbons are available in a very wide range of size distributions to allow the filter designer to optimise this aspect 

Air and Gas Uses

  • Gas purification in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Removal of mercury and other contaminants from flue gases
  • Collective protection filters for ships, vehicles and buildings
  • Car cabin and room air filters
  • Fume cupboards used in universities, schools, hospitals and industrial laboratories
  • Respiratory protective devices such as gas masks
  • Compressed air filters for high purity industrial or breathing air
  • Removal of specified contaminants during nuclear power generation operations
  • Evaporative Loss Control Devices for vehicles

Impregnated grades

Air Filtration & Odour Removal

The Eurocarb C activated carbons are a specialist range used in the control and adsorption of acid gases. This material is exclusively used in air treatment, commonly used for the removal of strong odours in a variety of field applications. Applications include fume cupboards filters and sewage air treatment.

C range carbons work best in the presence of oxygen and standard humidity. Where there is no oxygen present, please consider our KI range of carbons.

Product Details

In addition to the standard C impregnated grades below, we can customise impregnation levels in order to optimise the product for customer requirements.

  • C – NaOH impregnation (3%)
  • C2 – KOH impregnation (10%)
  • C3 – KOH impregnation (3%)
  • C4 – KOH impregnation (4%)
  • C7 – KOH impregnation (7%)

Ether Removal

Ethers, especially short chain molecules such as dimethyl ether, are difficult to remove by standard activated carbon due to its polarity and low boiling point. Eurocarb have developed the E range, these are specialist impregnated products with enhanced performance for ether removal.

Formaldehyde Removal

For organics with high polarity and low boiling point such as formaldehyde we have developed the F range as specialist market leading products for use in the control and removal of formaldehyde and other aldehydes.

The F range of Eurocarb carbons is a specialist market leading product for use in the control and removal of Formaldehyde and other aldehydes.

Originally developed for use in hospitals, the product has excellent capacity and finds application in fume cupboards, printer filters and other industrial processes.

Gold Recovery & Mercury Adsorption

Mercury is a toxic heavy metal which is widely dispersed in nature. In our everyday life, we come across mercury being used in the form of items such as electric switches, boilers, amalgams, barometer and thermometers, lamps and even cell phones.

Our HG range of activated carbon is impregnated with sulphur to adsorb mercury and convert it into stable mercury sulphide.

A specialist Eurocarb product range for control of mercury vapours. This is a widely used impregnated product across a variety of industries actively involved in the control of mercury and organo-mercury constituents.

TEDA Range

Eurocarb uses TEDA (Triethylenediamine) impregnation on both coal and coconut-based carbons for a number of applications in the Nuclear industry where removal of radioactive iodide from air is required. In addition it is used with other impregnants for CBRN carbons in order to enhance adsorption and provide ageing stability.

Our products, tailored to your requirement, for nuclear applications ensure performance and safety including for radioactive iodine and methyl iodine removal as well as usage in nuclear delay beds.

Furthermore, contaminants such as Radioactive Iodine 131 and its isotopes are effectively removed by our premium coconut shell based activated carbon for air and water treatment.