Activated Carbon for Biogas

Whether you are looking to increase the purity levels of your produced Biogas in a polishing stage or get rid of the smell generated by your wastewater treatment plants, our activated carbon grades will be your best choice. We offer a wide range of impregnations with consistent quality that improve removal of H2S in different environments (oxygen and moisture levels) and increase lifespan of the engines.

In the search for green sources of energy, readily biodegradable waste matter is decomposed by anaerobic bacteria to generate a mixture of gases (called biogas) that can be used to produce heat, electricity, fuel or gas grid.

When biogas is manufactured the main generated gases are methane and carbon dioxide with impurities such as hydrogen sulphide and siloxanes. The composition of the mixture varies depending on the source used to generate the biogas and the time of the year.

Once the mixture has been produced then the impurities need to be removed:

  • Hydrogen sulphide will corrode the pipes and internal combustion engines.
  • Silica and silicates will be found in the power burner if siloxanes are not removed from the Biogas, reducing the efficiency/efficacy of the engines.

Our high capacity activated carbon: RIAS 2010


Renewable source

Derived from renewable raw material coconut shells.

Increased H2S adsorption capacity

0.3g/cc H2S capacity

High adsorption capacity against VOC and siloxanes

It prevents silica depositions in burners

Suitable in high humidity conditions

No impregnate chemical draining due to the water condensation if happen.

Potential agricultural uses

Spent carbon can be used as a fungicide and pesticide due to its high elemental sulphur content

No risk of bed fires

For increased safety while the carbon filter is in service


We also offer traditional impregnated grades with alkali, earth alkali, potassium iodide, copper oxide or potassium permanganate to remove hydrogen sulphide in various conditions:


Range KP KC 2KI C4 7PC RIAS 2010
Impregnation KMnO4 K2CO3 KI KOH CuO
H2S Adsorption capacity + ++ ++ +++ +++ +++++
Oxygen required No Yes Yes Yes No Yes


Most of our products are impregnated in our facility located in Avonmouth (UK) with fast production capabilities as well as testing and development services. We can deliver anywhere in Europe.

Impregnated Grades for Biogas and Waste Water Treatments

Hydrogen sulphide, sulphur and other acid gases

KIC range

For a use in fume cupboard filters standard carbons are available for organic vapours and impregnated grades are specified for removal of ammonia, acid gases, ethers, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide and other contaminants.

Eurocarb offers the KIC multi-impregnated range for advanced performance against acidic gases & fumes. This product does not require the presence of oxygen and offers improved performance against other products available in the market.

KI range

Due to the fact that, sulphur-bearing compounds can be highly corrosive gas or even lead to equipment corrosion, it makes them very detrimental to industrial process equipment and the environment in general.

They are generally a by-product of separation and thermal processing of fuels such as coal, crude oil and natural gas which all contain sulphur.

During the desulphurization process, it is crucial to focus primarily on H2S (hydrogen sulphide) a foul smelling, corrosive gas and SO2 (sulphur dioxide) a toxic gas which is responsible for acid rain formation and equipment corrosion.

A common desulphurization process involves the thermal oxidation of hydrogen sulphide and its reaction with sulphur dioxide to form sulphur and water vapor.

As such, Eurocarb’s KI range of UK manufactured impregnated activated carbons offers superb performance in the control of acid gases including H₂S, SO2 and acid fumes.

This product also offers improved performance against radioactive gases and radioactive methyl iodide.

KP range

The flexible KP range of Eurocarb products is designed for the removal of H₂S from oxygen lacking gas flows along with any other compounds that are easily oxidised. This is a very effective impregnated product with a wide range of uses against a number of challenge agents.

Impregnated with potassium permanganate for special applications such as removal of H₂S from low oxygen or oxygen free gas streams. This range of product is especially effective in anaerobic environments such as the treatment of biogas through anaerobic digestion process for emissions control.