Activated Carbon for Precious Metals and Mining

Eurocarb, combined with the impeccable reputation of our parent company Haycarb, has a long history of supplying superior gold recovery Activated Carbons to the mining industry.

Application Information

We specialise in manufacturing carbons that meet the optimum conditions required through gold recovery processes, focusing on hardness, high density and low platelet content. Haycarb carbons have a proven advantage over competitor materials mainly due to proprietary manufacturing technologies and the inherent properties of carefully selected charcoal raw material.

This in turn enables our factories to produce material with precise particle size distribution and high abrasion resistance, leading to high performance carbons with respect to adsorption kinetics (R & K values). These carefully developed properties across our gold recovery carbon range ensure a reduction in tail loss throughout the gold circuit.

In support of our ongoing group-wide expertise in gold recovery and mining applications we have a suite of support services that we can offer to customers in addition to quality products, including but not limited to testing:

  • Gold activity
  • Loading capacity
  • Rate of adsorption
  • Soft particle % and platelet % measurement
  • Hardness testing
  • Analysis of spent carbon

Impregnated grades

Gold Recovery & Mercury Adsorption

Mercury is a toxic heavy metal which is widely dispersed in nature. In our everyday life, we come across mercury being used in the form of items such as electric switches, boilers, amalgams, barometer and thermometers, lamps and even cell phones.

Our HG range of activated carbon is impregnated with sulphur to adsorb mercury and convert it into stable mercury sulphide.

A specialist Eurocarb product range for control of mercury vapours. This is a widely used impregnated product across a variety of industries actively involved in the control of mercury and organo-mercury constituents.