Activated Carbon for Micropollutant Removal

At Eurocarb a powder activated carbon has been developed and tested against a wide variety of these contaminants, proving its effectiveness when treating wastewater.

With micro-pollutants being present in today’s world Eurocarb has responded to the need for its removal from water sources. Our MWWT range has proven effectiveness against these chemicals, coming from natural and sustainable sources.

MWWT range features

  • Structured porosity
    This material is made from raw material that provide the porosity required to remove a wide range of micro-pollutants potentially present in water.
  • Renewable source
    Made from renewable sources.
  • Deforestation-free
    Our MWWT grade does not come from deforestation.
  • Effective against micro-pollutants
    With a proven 94% removal capacity against micro-pollutants including pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals.