Activated Carbon for Radioactive Gas Control

As a specialist manufacturer of niche high performance Activated Carbons, Eurocarb is well placed to meet the strict demands required by the nuclear industry. There are a variety of impregnated carbons available to deal with radioactive gas control, including for noble gas delay beds.

The product portfolio within this range includes specialist products for removal of radioactive species from water and the RNII air treatment range with high efficiency for removal of radioactive methyl iodide.

RNII 1024 Product Specification

Eurocarb offers customers direct access to our experienced R&D team, who are able to offer bespoke carbon specifications for highly technical applications such as EDLC (Electronic Double Layer Capacitors).

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Key features

Very Large Surface Area

Typically grades for use in this application have surface areas well in excess of 1250m2/g.

High Hardness

A number of proprietary processes during manufacture ensure Eurocarb carbons are hard and are considerably resistant to breakage and fragmentation.

Resistance to High Temperature

Use of Activated Carbon at high temperatures (up to 400 degrees C) will not lead to a loss of the required surface properties. While the user is required to determine the correct limits for their own application use, it is possible to see reactions occurring at temperatures of over 750 degrees in the presence of water vapour.

Inert / Non-Reactive

An emphasis on quality control throughout the manufacturing process ensures very high purity levels. Washed products (both with water and acid) offer even higher purity levels.

Impregnated grades

TEDA Range

Eurocarb uses TEDA (Triethylenediamine) impregnation on both coal and coconut-based carbons for a number of applications in the Nuclear industry where removal of radioactive iodide from air is required. In addition it is used with other impregnants for CBRN carbons in order to enhance adsorption and provide ageing stability.

Our products, tailored to your requirement, for nuclear applications ensure performance and safety including for radioactive iodine and methyl iodine removal as well as usage in nuclear delay beds.

Furthermore, contaminants such as Radioactive Iodine 131 and its isotopes are effectively removed by our premium coconut shell based activated carbon for air and water treatment.