Activated carbon products

Coconut shell based activated carbon

Eurocarb’s granular Coconut Shell Activated Carbon products are used across an incredibly wide range of applications. Various mesh sizes and activity levels are employed in both liquid and gas applications

Coal based activated carbon

Our Coal Activated Carbons are used extensively across the air and water treatment industry as a cost-effective method for the removal of specific contaminants

Speciality activated carbons

We have developed a high-quality range of activated carbon powders from our parent company group’s resources that meets the purity requirements to be used within the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry

Impregnated activated carbon

Many of our carbons are offered with standard or special impregnation or similar treatments for enhanced performance against certain volatile contaminants

Felt activated carbon

Our high performance felt is a directly activated non-woven fibre with high surface area and good purity. Its flexibility allows it to be incorporated into a wide range of textiles and filter configurations

Wood based activated carbon

Our wood based carbons are made by steam activation, or by chemical activation, usually using zinc chloride or phosphoric acid depending in the final desired product properties