Eurocarb is exhibiting at IFAT 2024 in Munich!

This May, Eurocarb are presenting our premium activated carbon products at IFAT 2024, the world’s premier trade fair for environmental technologies, held in Munich. We are showcasing our innovative solutions tailored for various water treatment applications at the Messe München. We warmly invite you to visit us at booth 532 in Hall A3 to explore our products.

We look forward to seeing you in Munich!


The Beginner’s Guide to Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is a porous form of carbon which can be manufactured from a variety of carbonaceous raw materials. The principal commercial products are made from coconut shellcoal, peat or wood. . The activation process involves treating the raw material with steam or chemicals, thereby developing a pore structure.  Activated carbon, also known as activated charcoal, is characterised by a vast system of pores of molecular size within the carbon particles, resulting in the formation of a material with an extensive internal surface area. Commercially available, activated carbons have surface areas from 400m2/g to more than 2000m2/g.

How Does Activated Carbon Work?

The atoms of carbon, comprising the large internal surface area of activated carbon, present attractive forces outward from the surface. These forces, known as Van der Waals forces, attract the molecules of the surrounding gas or liquid.

The combination of these attractive forces and those of molecules in the surrounding medium result in the adsorption of molecules at the surface of the activated carbon. Some molecules have structures which make them more easily adsorbed than others and it is due to this that the separation of molecules is achieved.

Activated Carbon Selection

The selection of the most appropriate activated carbon type is based either on known characteristics of the chemicals to be removed in an adsorption process or by a series of controlled laboratory tests.

Powder Activated Carbons

These are mainly used in batch processes and removed by filtration after an appropriate contact time.

Granular Activated Carbons

Used in fixed or moving bed filters; the smallest particle of activated carbon is normally consistent with the retention in the filter and acceptable flow resistance, since this will provide the best adsorption kinetics.

Impregnated Grades for Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is sometimes chemically impregnated to enhance the performance by chemisorption when the adsorption affinity for particular contaminants is too weak to be effective.

  • Silver Impregnated
  • Ammonia Removal & Adsorption
  • Air Filtration & Odour Removal
  • Alkali and/or Ammonia Removal
  • Ether Removal
  • Formaldehyde Removal
  • Gold Recovery & Mercury Adsorption
  • H2S, SO2 and Acid Fumes Adsorption
  • H2S Removal
  • Amine Filtration
  • TEDA (Triethylenediamine) Impregnation


Explore our collection of Impregnated Activated Carbons >

REACH Registration Transfer

The UK’s departure from the European Union has, up to now, been in a transition period whereby previous rules applied. Since this transition period ends on 31st December 2020, we have now transferred our REACH registrations to our Only Representative in the EU; REACH Advice GmbH (ref ECHA-a20a85c3-6dcf-4ddb-9989-8dbb881c39ce).

Our REACH registrations for Activated Carbon therefore continue uninterrupted, as follows:

EC Number
931-334-3 Activated Carbon – Low Density Skeleton 01-2119488716-22-0005
931-328-0 Activated Carbon – High Density Skeleton 01-2119488894-16-0010

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification that may be required.

Filtech and Aquatech 2019

This year once again we have exhibited in both Filtech (Oct 22nd – Oct 24th in Cologne, Germany) and Aquatech (Nov 5th – Nov 8th in Amsterdam, The Netherlands), where we were pleased to meet with our customers as well as having the opportunity to discuss the requirements of those who approached our stand with interest in our activated carbon products.

Thank you all for coming to visit us!

The Eurocarb Team

Filtech 2018

Once again this year Filtech has been a big success for Eurocarb, the European subsidiary of Haycarb plc.

It is a great opportunity to meet with our customers and people from different companies all around the globe. Many thanks for all that came to visit our brand new stand!

We hope to see you all soon.

Filtech 2018

ISO 22000 and GMP Certifications

It is a pleasure for us  to announce that our main manufacturing plant in Sri Lanka has been awarded with ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management System) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificates, demonstrating the group’s commitment to offer high quality products for the food industry manufactured in a clean environment ensuring food safety in the process.

These coconut shell based activated carbons are tailored to be E153, EP and USP compliant and are used in a wide range of applications from human consumption to specific purification processes.

Eurocarb Products Ltd

Brand New Lab Facilities!

We are delighted to announce that we have completed construction of our brand new laboratory facilities at our head office in Bristol, and they are now fully functional.

This is a step forward to enhance our testing capabilities to support our customers in new development products as well as any additional work required in the material supplied.

30th Anniversary!

Last year we celebrated 30 years within the activated carbon industry.

Eurocarb, started by Mr. Don Tyreman and Mr. Malcolm Edwards in 1986 with great passion and determination,

has been growing at a steady pace maintaining high standards of quality in its products and continuously investing

in new equipment, storage facilities and human resources to satisfy our customer needs.

We would like to thank our customers for their loyalty and contribution to the growth of the company.

To celebrate our team took a trip around the Floating Harbour in the centre of Bristol and enjoyed some traditional

English refreshments on board and took in the wonders of the city and its landscape.

To round off the day a reception took place at the famous local museum “M Shed”, which exhibits much of the culture

and history of our beautiful city from pre-historic times to the 21st century.

Haycarb Records Turnover of Rs. 11.7 Billion and Profit Before Tax of Rs. 1.1 Billion for 2015/16

The Sri Lankan multinational Haycarb PLC reported revenue of Rs. 11.7 billion, profit before tax of Rs. 1,119 million and profit after tax of Rs. 898 million for financial year 2015/16. The earnings per share of equity holders of the company was Rs. 22.93 for the year.

The Chairman of Haycarb PLC and its parent company Hayleys PLC, Mr. Mohan Pandithage, said that it is noteworthy that the company withstood the challenges in global markets and the raw material supply chain to post a profit before tax of over Rs. 1 billion for the 4th consecutive year, signalling its strong position in the activated carbon industry and purification solutions.

Haycarb PLC Managing Director, Mr. Rajitha Kariyawasan explained that several initiatives were pursued to mitigate the adverse impact of the global market conditions and the supply chain constraints during the year. The change in our distribution and marketing model in the USA, the downturn of the economies and the fluctuation of currencies in the key markets that the company operates in, the continued slow-down in the gold mining industry, low cost competition from manufacturers based in countries such as India, Indonesia & Philippines and the shortage of charcoal supplies notably in Thailand were the key challenges encountered during the year.

He said that the two pronged marketing approach of strengthening and restructuring Haycarb’s marketing teams spread across USA, Europe, Australia, Thailand and Indonesia whilst expanding other distribution channels enabled Haycarb to expand its share of existing markets and enter new markets. “Successes in development and commercialization of a number of value added carbon products were encouraging and helped to retain net margins” he added. Lean and cost saving initiatives that generated savings and efficiencies through energy saving projects, waste elimination and automation brought in cost savings and added to the bottom line.

Continued promotion of “Haritha Angara”, the environmentally friendly charcoaling model through financial and technical assistance together with the focused expansion of the local collection network significantly reduced Haycarb’s dependency on imported raw material in Sri Lanka. Similarly in Thailand, a newly developed environmentally friendly vertical charcoaling kiln facility which is capable of producing and supplying a substantial percentage of our raw material requirements was installed and commissioned during the year.

Mr. Kariyawasan stated that Thailand and Indonesia operations reported notable growth and performance due to increases in energy efficiency, further improvements to the product mix through increased value added products and expansion of kiln/processing capacity.

Commenting on the performance of the Environmental Engineering Company, Puritas (Pvt.) Ltd., he said, “Puritas has posted creditable growth in top and bottom lines with the expansion of its market share in water and waste water treatment systems in Sri Lanka and the Region, especially in the Maldives”.

Haycarb remains committed to play a leading role in Puritas Sath Diyawara, which is the flagship CSR initiative of our parent company Hayleys PLC, to provide purified drinking water to families in  Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) affected villages in the North and North Central Provinces in Sri Lanka. We are pleased to report that six additional projects have been completed under the patronage of key sectors of the Hayleys Group, increasing the total Purification Plants commissioned under Puritas Sath Diyawara to 10 projects to date, supplying over 100,000 litres of purified water per day to 20,000 people across 13 villages.

Mr. Kariyawasan stated that the company remains confident of its position of strength and stability in the activated carbon industry, regeneration services and the environmental engineering segment to continue the growth platform in the background of continued global emphasis placed on environmental sustainability, standards and regulations.

Haycarb is the pioneer manufacturer of coconut shell activated carbon in any coconut producing country with manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Indonesia supported by marketing offices in the USA, UK and Australia. The company contributes net foreign exchange revenues with its value adding processes and is a leading and technologically superior manufacturer in its chosen segment.

The Board of Directors of Haycarb PLC comprises of Messrs Mohan Pandithage – Chairman, Rajitha Kariyawasan – Managing Director, Dhammika Perera, Arjun Senaratna, Sarath Ganegoda, Ms. Jeevani Abeyratne, Dushantha Ranaraja, Nimal Perera, Dr. Sarath Abayawardana, Sujeewa Rajapakse, M. S. P. Udaya Kumara, Brahman Balaratnarajah, Ms. Sharmila Ragunathan, Ali Caderbhoy and James Naylor.

Hayleys PLC – Sri Lanka’s No.1 Listed Company

We are proud to announce that Hayleys PLC was ranked the No.1 company in the LMD’s Top 100 listed companies of Sri Lanka. The award was received by Chairman & Chief Executive, Hayleys Plc, Mr. Mohan Pandithage at a gala event organized by CIMA-LMD this week. For more information please follow the link


Eurocarb’s parent Haycarb is in turn one of the larger entities within the Hayleys group; one of the biggest multinationals in Sri Lanka and a distinguished blue chip conglomerate known throughout Asia.

Filtech 2015 (24th-26th February) in Cologne, Germany

This year we will be exhibiting at Filtech 2015 that will be held at the new venue Cologne, Germany.

Every exhibition is a great opportunity for us to show our wide range of high quality products and have a closer glance of the market whilst meeting with old customers and new companies to discuss different topics and requirements.

Come to our stand and visit our team in Hall 11.1, Stand K2!

Eurocarb team.