Activated Carbon for Respirators

Eurocarb has a long history of supplying high quality performance carbons to the respirator industry.

There is a full range of respirator carbons meeting all requirements. In addition to this there is considerable in-house experience that can be drawn upon for collaborative development for new end-user products.

The range of carbons on offer cover A/B/E/K type requirements. In addition, there are products available meeting the need for removal of phosgene, chlorine, arsine, chloropicrin, sarin and other nerve gases.


Used against certain organic gases and vapours with a boiling point higher than 65°C. An A-type respirator carbon. AX type carbons are also available.


Used against sulphur dioxide and other acidic gases and vapours. An E-type respirator carbon.


Used against certain inorganic gases and vapours. B-type respirator carbon.


E-type respirator carbon.


Used against ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives.

RGK is a K-type respirator carbon.


K-type respirator carbon.

RPPW and RPPU series

New chrome free ABE and ABEK multi gas types.