Activated carbon for alkali, ammonnia and amine removal

Being identified by the formula NH3, ammonia is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen.
It is a colourless gas with a characteristics pungent smell.
Both nitrogenous animal and vegetable matter produce ammonia making it available in nature in trace quantities.
At Eurocarb we can offer options according to the application.
AM range
The Eurocarb AM range is a specialist impregnated product for the control and removal of ammonia and low molecular weight amines from a gas flow.
Depending on the requirement, a variety of different specifications are available, including various pellet and granule sizes, and varying impregnant types and levels.
Potential applications include fume cupboard filters, room air filters and chemical processing.

CSA range

Manufactured in the UK, Eurocarb’s CSA product range, impregnated with sulphuric acid, specialises in the removal of Alkali gases and Ammonia from an air/gas stream.
It can be applied to coal or coconut based pellets or granules based on your individual requirements.

P8A range
Aimed mainly at the petrochemical industry, Eurocarb’s specialised P8A grade of impregnated Activated Carbon is high performance product used in the control of alkali gases including NH3 and other amines.
The tailor made granular activated carbon we offer to purify amines will do so by adsorbing degradation products, surfactants, organic acids and other corrosive contaminants.