The Beginner’s Guide to Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is a porous form of carbon which can be manufactured from a variety of carbonaceous raw materials. The principal commercial products are made from coconut shell, coal, peat or wood. The activation process involves treating the raw material with steam or chemicals, thereby developing a pore structure.

REACH Registration Transfer

Since this transition period ends on 31st December 2020, we have now transferred our REACH registrations to our Only Representative in the EU; REACH Advice GmbH (ref ECHA-a20a85c3-6dcf-4ddb-9989-8dbb881c39ce).

Filtech and Aquatech 2019

This year once again we have exhibited in both Filtech (Oct 22nd – Oct 24th in Cologne, Germany) and Aquatech (Nov 5th – Nov 8th in Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

Filtech 2018

Once again this year Filtech has been a big success for Eurocarb, the European subsidiary of Haycarb plc.

ISO 22000 and GMP Certifications

It is a pleasure for us  to announce that our main manufacturing plant in Sri Lanka has been awarded with ISO 22000

Brand New Lab Facilities!

We are delighted to announce that we have completed construction of our brand new laboratory facilities

Increased Storage Capacity

We are proud to announce that we have now increased our storage capacity to more than 750 tonnes in our UK facility

30th Anniversary!

Last year we celebrated 30 years within the activated carbon industry.

Thanks for Visiting us at IFAT 2016!

Our team have now come back after another successful year at IFAT in Munich.