We are pleased to announce that Eurocarb Products Ltd has now completed the initial REACH registration process for Activated Carbon.

The REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) came into effect on June 1st, 2007. This requires that all chemicals that are imported into the European Union or manufactured in the EU are registered.

In order to complete the registration, it was necessary to prepare a comprehensive dossier of technical and safety information to enable the correct classification of the activated carbon, identifying safe uses, levels of foreign substances and any hazards. The Activated Carbon Industry Producers Association (ACPA) industry group helped with this work by forming a consortium in 2009 to coordinate all the necessary testing and data collection. Eurocarb Products Ltd has served on the technical and executive committee of this group.

In the course of research, it was found that, due to significant differences in the main properties, activated carbon should actually be divided into two substances. These two substances are:

AC-HDS: High Density Carbon Activated by Water Vapor AC-LDS: Low Density Carbon Activated Chemically.

See Reach Activated Carbon for more information

For substances that are manufactured or imported in quantities of more than 1000 tons per year, the deadline for registration was December 1, 2010. If the registration is not completed, further production or trade is not permitted. For substances manufactured in quantities of 100 to 1000 tons, the deadline for registration was June 1, 2013.

Almost all of Eurocarb’s current products fall into the AC-HDS (Steam Activated) category. Nevertheless, we have decided to re-register both coals from the beginning to give all our customers even more clarity.

Our registration numbers are:

• 01-2119488894-16-0010 for AC-HDS • 01-2119488716-22-0005 for AC-LDS

However, the REACH process does not end here. The dossier has to be updated regularly, which is why the consortium is also carrying out further tests. Mainly to check the effects of the substances on the respiratory tract as well as compliance with other requirements in 2011. In addition, we plan to update our MHSDS documentation to meet the new REACH requirements and amend the packaging information to reflect the new CLP requirements over the next few months.

The REACH regulations are associated with considerable obligations and costs for all well-known manufacturers and users of chemicals. As far as Eurocarb is concerned, we are proud to have completed our registration early to offer all customers the assurance of reliable continuity of supply.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.