Personal Protection


Breathing Air Activated Carbons

Activated Carbon has a long and detailed history as front line defence in protecting users from harmful or toxic gases in a variety of scenarios ranging from military, first responder and industrial applications to the domestic and every day.

Eurocarb is particularly strong in the supply of both material and technical support for breathing air Activated Carbons used in personal and collective respiratory protection. The properties of our higher surface area coconut shell carbons are particularly suited to this application, providing excellent physical adsorption of harmful organic gases and vapours and good control of key physical parameters including size, activity and density. The hardness of the base carbon allows for robust filter beds with consistent pressure drop and very low dust release. The base carbon is also ideally suited for impregnation with a wide variety of chemical treatments to allow removal of more volatile harmful gases. We have our own in-house development and manufacturing capability with a very flexible impregnation process and extensive analysis facilities. These include gas testing with a range of toxic industrial gases and elemental analysis of carbons.

Our long relationships with a range of major filter manufacturers have developed through reliable supply of tightly specified products. Our facilities allow us a good control of quality so that the customer can rely on their product over the long term. In addition, we are able to work closely with key customers on new or niche developments by controlling base carbon design as well as the impregnation blend to offer the precise range of performance required.

As the threat posed by toxic gases has grown in sophistication, our Activated Carbon solutions have developed correspondingly. Eurocarb, in addition to supplying basic respirator grade carbons, is able to manufacture a variety of multi-impregnated products suitable for a host of end-user applications, including CBRN, military, nuclear industry and other specialist markets.

Common Respirator Grades

  • RGA
  • RCD
  • RGB
  • AGC
  • RGK
  • SRK