Granular Coal


Eurocarb stocks a wide range of Coal based Activated Carbons. These products prove to be generally economical and effective in a variety of filter media applications including water and air treatment.

For water treatment we can supply carbons meeting EN12915 in various sizes for use in municipal water treatment, swimming pools, waste water treatment or industrial water processing.

Coal Activated Carbons are used extensively across the air treatment industry as a cost-effective method for odour control or removal of specific contaminants.

Additionally, granular Coal Activated Carbons serve as the substrate for a variety of impregnated grades for use against challenge substances not effectively removed by base carbon alone.

We are able to source high quality material paying strict attention (as tested by our UK labs) to the following characteristics:

  • Particle Size (as specified by ASTM, BS, JIS and many others)
  • Particle distribution (across meshes)
  • Activity (as measured by CTC, Butane or Iodine index)
  • Density
  • Hardness
  • Ash content
  • Impurity level (controlled through a number of standard and proprietary washing processes)
  • Dust content

Specification sheets for a wide range of products are available on request.