HAYCARB HEAD OFFICE - 01. Colombo, Sri Lanka

HAYCARB SUBSIDIARIES - 02. Eurocarb Products Ltd, Bristol, UK • 03. Haycarb USA, Pittsburgh, USA • 04. Haycarb Holdings, Melbourne, Australia • 05. Haylex, Tokyo, Japan

ACTIVATED CARBON FACTORIES - 06. Madampe, Sri Lanka • 07. Badalgama, Sri Lanka • 08. Chonburi, Thailand • 09. Bitung, Indonesia • 10. 10 Shizuka, Thailand • 11. Palu, Indonesia


Eurocarb is based in Avonmouth near the historic city of Bristol in the UK. Both manufacturing and administrative functions are housed in our facility.

Eurocarb dispatches to destinations worldwide from this location.

We are fully equipped to handle articulated lorries with trained forklift operators working onsite for loading and unloading of goods.

Road access to Eurocarb is via the M5 Junction 18.

We are 20 minutes from Bristol Parkway main line railway Station, and 30 minutes from Bristol International Airport.

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As part of the wider Haycarb group, Eurocarb is one of five global subsidiary units focusing on both manufacturing and marketing activities. We work co-operatively with our international sister entities to service clients and development partners across the world.

Haycarb Head Office

  • Colombo, Sri Lanka

Haycarb Subsidiaries


  • Eurocarb Products Ltd, Bristol, UK
  • Haycarb USA, Pittsburgh, USA
  • Haycarb Holdings, Melbourne, Australia
  • Haylex, Tokyo, Japan
  • Carbokarn, Thailand
  • Chonburi, Thailand
  • Puritas, Sri Lanka
  • Colombo Sri Lanka

Activated Carbon Factories

  • Madampe, Sri Lanka
  • Badalgama, Sri Lanka
  • Chonburi, Thailand
  • Shizuka, Thailand
  • Bitung, Indonesia
  • Palu, Indonesia