Powdered Carbon

Powdered Carbons

The use of Powdered Carbon

Powdered carbon is mainly used in liquid applications such as water treatment and purification or decolourisation of juices, syrups edible oils or pharmaceutical products. It can also be useful in flue gas treatment for removal of heavy metals and dioxins, where it would be injected into the gas stream.

Powdered carbon provides faster adsorption that granular or pellet carbons, since the diffusion route of the molecules to the pores is much shorter owing to the small particle size.

We offer a variety of powdered products for various applications including:

Chemically or steam activated wood products for use in decolourisation and purification processes. These are available in a variety of standard size distributions but can also be tailored to specific needs. Some of the products are washed in order to provide high purity or alter the pH to suit specific processes.

Our coconut powders are used in applications from municipal water treatment through to production of ultracapacitor and battery electrode carbons and pharmaceutical powders which can be made into poison antidote treatments. We also have the ability to provide ultrafine powders with median diameters as low as 5µm if required. Various washing processes can be applied to provide high or ultra-high purity products.

Coal based powders are available for use in water treatment, flue gas treatment and similar applications, in a variety of sizes and activity levels.