Speciality Products


We have developed a high-quality range of activated carbon powders from our parent company group's resources that meets the purity requirements in each application:


High purity carbons for the purification of process water. These carbons meet FCC requirements and also offer excellent attrition resistance and low dust levels. They are effective in dechlorination and removal of THMs and other organics.


Selected COSMOS Raw Materials certified powders used in products such as face scrubs and other type of cosmetics.

Dietary Supplements

High purity coconut shell carbons used as dietary supplements, both for human consumption and for pet products. These products meet FCC requirements.

Food Colourants (E153)

Meeting all the requirements as per E153 (vegetable carbon) to be used in applications where activated carbon is used as a colourant.

Food Industry

Macroporous carbons for use in colour modification of foodstuffs, including sugar, wine, beer, edible oils and fruit juices.

As an illustration, here is a link to an article from Ingredients Insight on Eurocarb's applications of activated carbon in the food and beverage industry.

Teeth Whitening

With this range we offer activated carbon powders used in teeth whitening products.

These powders can be tailored to our customer’s specifications, whether is purity, particle size or colouring strength, we have the right product for you.