Ag Range


Silver Impregnated

Silver has been used for millennia in drinking and storage vessels to keep the water “sweet”. Pliny the Elder wrote about the ability of silver slags to close up and heal wounds in his “Natural History” in 79 AD. The remarkable antibiotic properties of silver extend to 100s of different micro-organisms, including bacteria, virus, yeasts, fungi and moulds.

When added in the correct manner to activated carbon, silver acts to prevent the possible build-up of micro-organisms as a water filter is used or stored. It does this without significantly affecting the purification properties of the carbon. In Eurocarb’s Ag range, we impregnate high quality coconut shell carbons from the Haycarb factories with silver compound in varying amounts to achieve the ideal level of microbial control.

Our carbons are used to filter chlorine from drinking water, as well as residual organic compounds that cause taste or potential health issues.

We are able to supply high quality impregnated material (with silver content ranging from 0.01 to 0.4%) across Europe to a variety of users. Our high capacity production capability has considerable flexibility with respect to batch sizes, and is designed to deliver high consistency, low dust product for rapid delivery.

All batches are fully tested in our own lab to ensure conformity.

We can advise on the best carbon for your filter, including mesh size, activity level and silver content.

Eurocarb Water Purification Carbons meet appropriate international requirements such as EN12915, AWWA B604-96 and on request, NSF 61 and Prop65 where required.

Silver impregnated grades are EPA registered.