Activated Carbon for Water


Activated Carbon for Water Treatment & Purification

Eurocarb’s success in water purification is driven by a combination of product quality and expertise. A 20 year history of commitment to excellence has proved our coconut, coal and wood derived materials as reliable, high quality products that respond consistently above expectations in a variety of customer applications.

Our high quality material production is driven by an industry leading understanding of the technology and the expertise required to produce superior Activated Carbon grades. This proficiency is supported by rigorous end to end quality checking throughout the manufacturing process.

Dust content, material hardness and product homogeneity are closely monitored to ensure premium performance in all customer applications. Our product portfolio also includes extra clean material should customers have further requirements for water washed and/or acid washed carbons.

Eurocarb has a long history of working closely with a number of manufacturers devising new specifications in response to end product development.

In many cases we have supported customers in determining an Activated Carbon particle size specification that balances adsorption capacity against pressure drop within desired parameters.

Additionally, where customers may have a requirement for bacteriostatic filters, Eurocarb is able to manufacture silver impregnated material to meet required specifications.

Our water treatment carbons meet EN12915/EN12903 where applicable and have been tested in independent laboratories TZW and Spencer House Lab/Thames Water UK. We also offer carbons meeting NSF requirements for the USA.

Chloramine Removal

Chloramine acts as a disinfectant and is often used in water treatment instead of chlorine since it is less likely to react with other organic compounds in the water. Like chlorine, chloramine controls bacterial growth in water supplies, treatment facilities and distribution systems. But chloramine can also act as a pollutant, reacting with organic nitrogen to form other harmful compounds.

Eurocarb now offers Haycarb RWAC series – enhanced catalytic carbons that remove chloramines by breaking them down chemically into innocuous chlorides.


This product is particularly suited for use in residential and commercial water filters, water treatment for kidney dialysis, for treatment of process water in bottling and soft drink industries, and for swimming pool treatment.

Drinking Water Test Reports

  • Virgin Granular (EN 12915) - Download
  • 0.05% silver impregnated (EN 12915) - Download
  • 0.1% silver impregnated (EN 12915) - Download
  • Powdered (EN 12903) - Download